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The toughest multi-sport challenges on the planet

Each year it seems, the bar gets raised on extreme physical challenges. These events test the very limit of human performance and spirit. Multi-sport being no exception.

Advisory health warning!: please exercise extreme caution in reading the rest of this blog, you may be tempted to enter one of them:

ÖTILLÖ: The SwimRun World Championships. Teams of two swim between and run across the stunning islands of Sweden. The course covers around 10k of open water swimming and 65k of running. No individual swim section is longer than 1.8k and longest individual run section is 20k.

Top tips: cut down an old wetsuit and grab some hand paddles (as these are allowed).

Isklar Norseman: Limited to 250 participants (for good reason), this triathlon event starts by leaping off a perfectly good sea ferry in the dead of night in the middle of the Norwegian Fjords! Billed as “Simply the ultimate triathlon on the planet”, this iron-distance event has a sting in the tail – with the last 17Km of the marathon (run) being up Mount Gaustatoppen, rising to 1,850m. Top tips: Recruit a strong support crew.

Deca Ironman: Not so much an event, more a challenge, and a pretty extreme one at that! This is ten (yes, ten) Iron-distance triathlons (3.8k swim, 180k bike and full marathon run) completed over ten days!

Top tips: Take a month off work!

Enduroman Arch to Arc Triathlon: Marble Arch, London is the start. Arc de Triomphe, Paris is the finish. The main problem with this triathlon route is that the English Channel is in the way! Put simply, run to Dover, swim the channel, cycle to Paris! Top tips: in order to qualify for the swim you need to show you have at least 6 hour swim experience in the sea, in temperatures colder than 16 degrees in the year of your attempt!

Brutal Triathlon: Llanberis, Wales. Voted the world’s toughest triathlon by Triathlon220 Magazine. Any event that ends with the ascent and descent of Snowdon, North Wales is going to be tough.

Top tips: pack your own foil blanket, head torch and compass

Whatever challenge you take on, whether 5k or ultra-marathon run, swim and cycle with a smile, knowing that now, more than ever before the everyday athlete has so much choice of professionally operated physical challenges to take on. Enter one today.

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